Liebster Award



Thank you DonnaRae of for the honor of this nomination.
I don’t really have the time I promised mysef to post, but I do have quiet moments.

I will try to answer as many questions I can.

My choice carreer would have been free lance journalist.

I live in a multi-coulture neighborhood and I do tend to like all cousines.

I am proud of most in my life to follow my path with no regrets.

Ten years I would be retired and plan to travel.

I break free from everyday mondane things by connecting to nature.

My three wishes:

Visit my friend in UK
Own a cottage
Publish a book

My health is the most gratful I can be.

Favorite recipe is Lasagna

Reading is a great passtime of mine.

Will not be taking a holiday do a  financial problem.

Spring is my favorite time, everything is re-newed and moves on to be a beatiful flowering season.

Thanks again




The beauty of a holiday is the decorations. Thanksgiving is the table and the food, Christmas is the tree and so on…..
The people who sit around that table make that day a happy or miserable one.

Sometimes there are no people, it’s just me. I am brave enough to go through the routine of celebrating Thanksgiving regardless of how may will be eating with me.

My turkey gets cooked, the trimmings are prepared and even the desert is homemade.

I set it all up on to the table and as I get hungry I munch from it. I usually prepare a plate and carry it to livingroom and eat there while I whatch a favorite movie.
A glass of wine accompanies the meal with coffee and desert  to be enjoyed later on.
All in all I would say it is a good day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.